Busted! Don’t Believe These Towing Myths!

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Busted! Don't Believe These Towing Myths!

You may have experienced instances where your vehicle just gave up unexpectedly during a long journey, and you’re stuck helplessly with an overheated engine or a deflated tire with no possible solution. Your best bet is to meet a helpful passerby or call for towing services to get you out of this fix. However, chances are you may have tried to avoid towing your vehicle due to stories you’ve heard from people or read about. Unfortunately, many of these stories are misleading and paint towing companies in very bad light. 

To help you steer clear of any misinformation, Low Buck Towing has debunked one of the most widely believed myths about towing.

Myth: Towing is not affordable 

Busted: This myth exists because of the number of people doing it, and therefore, it’s assumed that it isn’t cheap. Also, there is a lot of false advertising circling about it by fly-by-night operators. In reality, towing prices depend on the distance and the kind of vehicle that needs to be towed.

At Low Buck Towing, we offer a professional and reasonably priced vehicle hauling and junk car removal service. However, a client needs to meet specific criteria for this assistance so that we provide the best possible experience, and you walk away as a satisfied customer.

If you’re looking to steer clear of myths like this, reach out to Low Buck Towing. As a prominent towing service and roadside assistance in Calgary, Alberta, we offer reliable and affordable towing services to our clients. With over fourteen years of delivering unparalleled and friendly customer service, we strive to be helpful, responsible, and efficient while assisting our customers. Our services include car towing or truck towing, junk car removal, long-distance towing, tire changes, car jumpstarts, municipal impound lot, car winching, cleanup, and vehicle recovery.

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