How To Get Your Car Towed On A Budget

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When getting a vehicle towed, the kind of assistance you need is dependent on a couple of factors. One major factor is whether your car is an all-wheel-drive (AWD) or a front-wheel-drive. This will significantly impact how it is towed. If your car is an AWD, it will have to be towed off the ground. If an AWD is hooked up and towed away, there may be damages to the transmission. However, in the case of a front-wheel drive, you don’t need much equipment to tow. Just pick up the vehicle from the front and tow it.

For you to avoid damaging your vehicle and incurring unnecessary towing expenses, it is vital to know what kind of towing method you require. If you’re aware of the kind of vehicle you need to have towed, the next step is to hire a towing company. To help you get your car towed on a budget, Low Buck Towing has put together a few easy steps to help you out.

Do a web search
Look out for different towing companies that can help you with your towing needs. Take a look at the services they have listed online and note their location to ensure they are close to you.

Read their service reviews
Shortlist the towing companies with the best services around you and then read through their reviews on different business review platforms like Google, Better Business Bureau, etc. Do this to identify the most reliable towing company available to you.

Call their number
Once you find the company that can suit your needs, give them a call. During the call, you can explain to them your requirements and the challenges you’re facing so they can appropriately prepare and execute the towing requirement.

Set up a proper towing unit
By hiring a proper towing unit, you can avoid unnecessary complications and expenses. This will keep your costs low and ensure that your vehicle isn’t damaged in any way while being towed.

Meet up with the tow truck
If possible, try to meet up with the tow truck so you can fill them in on the situation and also see how they carry out the job to ensure they do not damage your vehicle.

Pay later
When getting your vehicle towed, make sure it is delivered and only then make the payment. This will encourage your towing operator to transport your car with care and professionalism. If not, you can withhold payment.

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